Why Pilates?

​​Pilates has evolved greatly over the years, as have the styles of teaching, but ultimately Pilates has always been intended as a corrective exercise program at its very core.  Here at Pilates Queen we pride ourselves on being a studio for ALL bodies, offering classes that are safe and cover the fundamentals of movement in order to teach you precision, control and understanding.  With a strong emphasis on breath, we find many benefits in our Pilates work such as improved posture, strength, greater body awareness, pain free movement and an overall sense of well being.

Pilates Studio - Fight Stress & Find Strength

Get started today!  We offer a variety of classes such as Mat Pilates, Barre, Seniors and Yoga.  If you're looking to take your training to the next level, we also offer 1 on 1 Reformer & Mat training to help you discover how to live an inspired, empowered life.

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Is it any wonder that with modern technology and the time we spend sitting, driving, typing and generally not moving, that back pain is now the leading cause of disability globally?  Most of the American population already do, or will, suffer with back pain during their lifetime, but with an effective Pilates program designed for the people of today, we can improve alignment, create more efficient movement patterns, experience a more vibrant mind and travel the path of pain free movement.