At Pilates Queen we treat all our clients as individuals and work hard to create a sense of community because the experience should be worth coming back for!  Dedicated to excellence, we provide various forms and levels of exercise that can be modified to meet your needs because we are firm believers in nurturing functional strength and awareness, rather than offering punishing routines that can often increase risk of injury.

For those looking to receive a more personalized Pilates program, we offer specialized 1 on 1 training in Mat Pilates, Reformer and DUET REFORMER classes that you can attend with a friend!  

Ask us for details and we'll be happy to help you.

We always welcome your feedback and insights as you, and we, evolve together.  

About Us

Owner, Pilates Queen LLC

NAFC National Pilates Director

NAFC Course Presenter

NAFC Mat 1, Mat 2, Reformer 1, Reformer 2, 

 Group Fitness, CORE X System, Balanced Body Bodhi Instructor, Balanced Body Trapeze Table, Balanced Body Ladder Barrel,

Bootybarre PLUS, Barre Above, Ballet Barre, 

Schwinn Cycling Coach, Bodypump.

Say Hello

I'm thrilled to see you found us at the Pilates Queen, a studio truly for ALL bodies!

Our clients are the driving force here and we want to inspire you, support your journey and share in your successes by providing safe and effective classes that are fun, yet purposeful. With our stress free environment, we promote pain free movement and a strong sense of community, always here to help you achieve your goals (whatever they may be) we're in it together!

There's no need to bring equipment because we have it all here for you - Mats, towels, water, doTERRA oils, BeautyCounter products and more!  Everything is set up for you and cleaned after EVERY class to keep your environment a healthy & clean one.

Originally from England, I've been involved in the fitness industry on/off for over 30 years and have been teaching Pilates for over 15 of them.  Having taught various formats over the years that put my body through highly repetitive workouts, I found myself dealing with low back pain, knee issues and a torn shoulder.  I seriously thought my teaching career was over at one point, which drove me to delve deeper in to the world of Pilates.  Immersing myself in rigorous Pilates trainings through The Pilates Coach, Bender Training Academy, NAFC and Balanced Body, I've spent time working closely with Chiropractors and Physical Therapists to teach the safe and effective programming we offer here today.  ​The Pilates Queen studio has a vision to help others be pain free, to educate our clients, help avoid injuries and teach everyone to become stronger throughout.  

We're a unique Pilates studio dedicated to pain free movement and functional training that's suitable for ALL BODIES and ALL LEVELS.

Offering a variety of classes that include physical therapy based exercises, classical Pilates, Barre Above, Bootybarre, Yoga, Foam Rolling & more, you'll find us welcoming and fun!

Everything is provided for you here - water, towels, mats, coffee/tea, doTERRA oils, BeautyCounter products and more.  Your equipment is set up, cleaned after EVERY class AND put away for you because we believe this if YOUR time!