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Sitting is the new smoking!

Is it any wonder that with modern technology and the time we spend sitting, driving, typing and generally not moving, that back pain is now the leading cause of disability globally?  

Most of the American population already do, or will, suffer with back pain during their lifetime, but with an effective Pilates program designed for the people of today, we can improve alignment, create more efficient movement patterns, experience a more vibrant mind and travel the path of pain free movement, no matter which modality of fitness activity you choose!

So, Why Pilates?

​​Pilates has evolved greatly over the years, as have the styles of teaching, but ultimately Pilates has always been intended as a corrective exercise program at its very core.  Here at Pilates Queen we pride ourselves on being a studio for ALL bodies, offering classes that are safe for everyone, no matter their level, with certified instructors.  We're not just a studio, we're a self care project!

​We want to inspire you, support your journey and share in your successes by providing safe and effective classes that are fun, yet purposeful. With our stress free environment that promotes pain free movement and a strong sense of community, we are always here to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be!